My experience here, has gave me such more confidence, pride, ability to push myself. I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to improve their lives.  The hours are very flexible to our times being busy schedules and a great team of staff. Thank you for all you do.

— Terri Riedel

Larock Healthcare Academy has been one of the greatest learning experiences for me.  From the start of the STNA, Nurse Aide course till the end of my training in EKG/Cardiac Monitoring, Phlebotomy, and Paramedical Examiner.  The training I have received has given me the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill a great career.  I am completely confident that I have obtained the skills needed to perform the many task that I will encounter on a daily basis.  Thanks to Kari in Phlebotomy I am now very comfortable with performing venipunctures with the vacutainer, dermal, syringes and butterflies (WIS).  Thanks to the knowledge and skills taught by Mary in EKG/Cardiac Monitoring I was able to apply what I had learned and pass my ACLS cognitive skills and written test.  Another thank you to Dr. Barwick, for the skills she taught me in the STNA class, these were the necessary skills needed to care for my elderly mother whom also has some health issues.  Thanks to all these wonderful instructors, I now possess the knowledge and skills necessary to care not only for my mother but also for others who need skilled healthcare professionals to care for them on a daily basis.  Thank you so much Larock Healthcare Academy for the in depth training you have all provided.  You have more than prepared me for a better and brighter future.

Since graduating from Larock Healthcare Academy, I have earned my senior rating in health services with the Civil Air Patrol, The Official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force and have became nationally certified as an EKG Technician and Phlebotomy Technician.   I plan to continue me services to the Civil Air Patrol as an Assistant Health Services Officer and to further my medical education by becoming either a Flight Paramedic or Flight Nurse within the next five years.

— Maj Dean J Wallace, CAP

The experience I had at Larock was amazing!  All of the staff were the absolute best and prepared me for the real world and helping me find my dream job at DaVita to be a Patient Care Technician.  I made friends along the way and learned from the best.

Larock is a life-changing school if you are willing to put in the hard work and dedicate yourself to finding your passion in the medical field.

— Danielle Johnson - Feb. 2018 Patient Care Technician Graduate

My experience here at Larock has been incredible  I’ve learned things I never thought I could with the help of their amazing and patient instructors.  I knew I wanted to attend as soon as I had my meeting with their friendly office staff.  I always felt a warm welcome here and it’s a great environment.

— Kendra Eckert - July 2018 EKG / Cardiac Monitor Tech. Graduate

The daytime Phlebotomy class that I finished was very well put together and easy to comprehend.  Kari was an amazing instructor and went out of her way to help every single student who struggled; and was there with an answer every time we had questions.  Her experiences as a Phlebotomist and in her life have inspired me in so many ways!  Thank you Kari, for teaching and leading our amazing class.

— Phlebotomy Program Graduate

I just finished the three components in the Patient Care Technician Program and I’m so grateful to have had amazing instructors to help me throughout the entire time I was here.  Mary and Kari are two of the most genuine and amazing people I’ve met, and their experiences in the fields they teach help how students learn.  The classes are simplified, yet still in-depth and are very detailed.

Thank you to all of Larock’s staff for helping and making my goals a reality!

— Sarah Helmick - Sept. 2018 Patient Care Technician Graduate

I felt right at ease with my class and classmates.  My instructor was great; very hands-on with us and answered every little question we had…even if it was stupid.  She never got frustrated with us at all.  Kari is probably one of the best teachers I have ever had in my lifetime, and that’s saying alot.

I stink at school and always hated it with a passion.  Kari is the best!  She definitely made my learning experience great and enjoyable.  Thank you for this wonderful experience and helping me move move forward with my career.  I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else!

— Anna Landis - August 2018 Phlebotomy Graduate

I chose Larock Academy because the location was convenient to my home and workplace. The tuition was reasonable and I was self-pay. My experience was good overall and I am glad I chose Larock Academy for healthcare occupations. I will tell other about my experience.

— Larock Graduate

Larock was a great learning opportunity. The learning material was easy to understand and the teacher was always helpful and ready. I feel ready to go out and start working. I am thankful for Larock offering these affordable classes.

— Recent Larock Healthcare Academy Graduate

Mary was amazing as an instructor. This was my 4th time back to college. So I’ve had many instructors. She was well informed & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to friends & family.

— Larock Graduate

I enjoyed the class, the teacher, the students. We all remained focused. I’ll recommend the course, the school, the teacher to everyone. Thanks again!

— Recent Larock Graduate

At Larock, I felt like I was at home. The instructor Amanda was informative and wonderful. Larock’s schedule of class was so adaptable to my schedule while working my current job. I’m looking forward to starting my new career. I’m even looking & thinking about taking other certifications with the company. What a wonderful experience!! Thanks Amanda & Larock.

— Vicki Hammitt - May 2018 Phlebotomy Graduate
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